Jose Pereira

Adversity & Resilience Coach

Life Pills for a Survival Guide “LPSG”: Tips to survive adversity and come out stronger

The main objective is to inspire people through my journey, lessons learned along the way, and the art of surviving my five-year ordeal or catastrophic situation, walking through it, succeeding it, and transcending and being successful.

Life can throw unexpected challenges at us, leaving us helpless and vulnerable. As someone who has been through the traumatic experience of being wrongfully detained as a hostage, I know firsthand the importance of having a survival guide to help you navigate challenging times. 

I will be speaking at Colleges, Universities, Corporations, and Associations to share the tips that I have learned that helped me stay strong, keep my mind healthy, maintain my bright spirit, and survive my ordeal.

Jose - Coaching

Coaching Snippets

Presentation of the LPSG Program
Meet the LPSG program, born from his time as an isolated hostage in Venezuela, this program teaches the pillars of overcoming adversity and challenges within your organization. The LPSG program focuses on building resilience and unlocking untapped potential within your workforce. 

Mitigating the Risk of Traveling Abroad
Learn from Jose Pereira, survivor of a Venezuelan hostage situation and life coach, how to manage your company’s or individual safety when traveling abroad.

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